Spotlight on Local Business

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

When first I entered Beauty Avenue, the litany of bright and shiny sleek cylinders appealed to my manly love of orderly things. Products grouped and categorized by use, function, and size – a veritable man heaven. Granted, the beauty products are primarily female manna. Upbeat Owner, Daniel Oh paused momentarily from the constant activity in order to provide insight into this thriving business.

“We carry over 200 lines of beauty products, ranging from Moroccan Oil and GloMinerals make-up, to Dermalogica Skin Care. But it’s the 20 educated professionals that are the key to turning “average” into “beautiful”. We use these products, and know which have the value. Plus, we sell them without the high cost of the small boutique salons. Yet, Beauty Avenue isn’t built on selling a bottle of shampoo.
It’s due to our clients really looking and feeling beautiful. Happy customers come back!” exclaimed the busy owner, as he helped match the clients with stylists.

“As styles change, our salon staff loves being one step ahead of the trends, techniques, and styles,”

berauty-avenueOffering hair and beauty products for less is a surprisingly smaller aspect to Beauty Avenue. An eclectic, group of over 20 talented hair stylists, cosmetologists, manicurists, and estheticians employ their talents from a complete beauty salon within this surprisingly varied operation.

“It’s because we have the store and such a large salon that we have so many classes from industry leaders like
Schwarzkopf, Kenra and Moroccan Oil. As styles change, our salon staff loves being one step ahead of the trends,
techniques, and styles,” smiled Daniel. “In fact, stylists from other salons come in for the education as well.”
So how did such a humble and gracious man end up at the helm of a professional operation focused on women’s beauty and care?

“Professional Operation?” Dan laughed, as he thanked me for the complement. “Actually, we’re a small family business, which my mother bought in 2002, as a single parent raising three children. She did the best she could to provide for us. In 2007, my wife and I took over the business.” So how does an independent stay competitive with corporate stores?

salon“We match prices, offer loyalty programs, and have an excellent special-order program. Plus we guarantee everything we sell. But what really sets us apart is our personal goal of really servicing the individual first. We believe in the saying, work harder than what we are paid for, and eventually we will get paid more for our hard work. As a result, we have created a circle of friends we can call family.”

No sparse products staged under halogen lights or pretentious counter help. A sincere intention to faithfully invest back into the community, while genuinely caring about the clients has been the road to continued success. One might say, that road is Beauty Avenue.

Beauty Avenue is located on the southwest corner of Yorba Linda Blvd and Kraemer Ave in Placentia.