The Road to Self-Sufficiency passes through Beauty Avenue

Past the orderly offerings of Moroccan Oil, GloMinerals make-up, and Dermalogica Skin Care shines a ray of hope. Not hope
of hair hi-lights or penciled brows, but of a brighter tomorrow. Thanks to one man, and backed by a bevy of beauties, or should
I say Beauty Avenue beauties, in the form of over 20 talented hair stylists, cosmetologists, manicurists, and estheticians.

On April 2nd, 2017, members of H.I.S. House in Placentia were treated to a day of beauty by the staff at Beauty Avenue.

“As a shelter, H.I.S. House assists the homeless regain self-sufficiency. And having your hair done and getting a makeup makeover,
is a key step to rebuilding a life. Having someone take the time to help you look and feel beautiful does a lot for anyone’s
self-esteem, but it is especially a big boost to our families who are struggling and can’t afford to get a haircut when they need it, ” said Carrie, the Director of HIS House.

“One client had so much hair she ended up taking over an hour and half to cut and flat iron. It was all worth it when her mother
finally saw her. With almost tears in her eyes she exclaimed, you look so beautiful, oh my God, you look beautiful. We’re glad we could be a part of that moment.” Gracious Owner, Daniel Oh, has taken what was a good idea and turned it into an annual event. “The director was telling us some of the huge sacrifices that led to these families having to live at HIS House until they can get back on their feet. We forget, they don’t get the luxury of going home and crawling into their own beds at the end of the day.”

Daniel quickly shared the thanks by mentioning that many local businesses donated food and aftercare products to the “Swag Bags” received by each guest from H.I.S. House. Diane Randall of Postal Annex and Eddie Arnett from SexyHairCare compiled the swag (gift) bags for everyone to take home. While Joe Rasic from Craftsman Wood-Fired Pizza fed the entire event. Stylists, Breann Frausto, Diane Nordelo, Hee K Na, Khuyen Vu, Letty Sandoval, Mita Vadecha, and Tammy Johnson, dedicated their time and energy to make the event happen.

We sometimes forget how much we have and how amazing it feels to help by serving others. We thank HIS house and its members for letting us gain by giving.

Article featured in @HomeIN Magazine!